Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give the kids a camera

Peter (4 and a half year) and Sivert (15 months) are my sons. Most of the time they are two happy boys playing around with each other.

A few days ago Peter borrowed my old Nikon 801s (unfortunately I had no film available - maybe next time), fast shutter speed, 2.5 image pr second - He loved it. I loved it. Watch out for his photos when he grows up ;-)

Needless to say, their father is proud

Fat Lip Service

This has happened to me a lot of times and I never have a good answer. What I really want to say is what the duck did but I can't, so I smile and say, "Thanks". This is why I love What The Duck -

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First photo in 2009

It´s very cold in Oslo today, about -9 degrees Celsius (15,8 F). We went to the one of the forests surrounding Oslo to walk on an icy lake. The trees are frosty and the light is beautiful.

Here is one of the photos I took.

welcome to a new year

Well, I think 2008 was great. I finished some big projects at work, photographed a few weddings, learned more about photography in 2008 than I ever have done before. I also had the privelidge to stay home for 2 months with my youngest son - that's something everyone should try sometime.

For me I know 2009 will be even better. My goals are set, I'm still hungry for knowledge and my little family will move to a larger home (with office space for me - can't wait).

I'm also eager to update this blog with images, thoughts, notes, techno stuff, about photography and other things that interests me